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A delicate fruity treat composed on a warm base of sensual nuances courtesy of Patchouli & Tobacco. Oyuny Al Haramain is ascent that like an illusion will fly you into a whirlpool of love, where you will stay till the last minute. The perfume opens up with fresh and slightly exotic scents of pineapple, roses and refreshing bergamots, which together with sensual freesia, peach and apple move to intoxicating heart notes. Finally, soft and sweet scent of tobacco and patchoulis embraces you and you will never want to forget it. A splendid fragrance and well-balanced perfection of oil satisfying the needs of any personality.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: Rose, Pineapple, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Apple, Peach, Freesia
Base Notes: Patchouli, Tobacco, Gourmand

Volume: 20ml

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