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Oud Silsila


Oud Silsila takes you on an aromatic journey with its olfactory richness and intriguing complexity. Its top notes are enhanced by bergamot, sweet orange, fig, apple and melon; the heart is a bouquet of jasmine rose, waterlily, Muguet and orris while patchouli, oudh, leather, musk, vanilla, dry amber reveals a sophisticated woody floral composition full of surprises. This elegant fragrance is held in a 20ml glass bottle crowned with a metallic gold top and enclosed in a black and gold gilt-edged paper box.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Fig, Apple, Melon, Orange
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Orris, Rose, Waterlily, Muguet
Base Notes: Patchouli, Oudh, Leather, Musk, Vanilla, Dry Amber

Volume: 20ml

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