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Bright Peach

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The Bright Peach perfume produced by perfumers Maison Alhambra is inspired by the fragrance Bitter Peach by Tom Ford.

Fresh, juicy - simply deliciously presented, a deliciously ripe peach, with some accords of green leaves, gives off its intoxicatingly indulgent notes that mix with a delicate aria of blood orange, with nuances showing candied, bitterly oozing citrus peel - this is fruity sensual Bright Peaches.

Orange and peach come through in a herbal-sounding solo, in which there are also touches of light earthy moisture brought by patchouli, to be replaced by a slow-appearing trace of honey.

Volume: 80ml

Top notes: Peach

Heart Notes: Blood Orange Oil

Base Notes: Peach, Patchouli


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