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A fountain bursting with all shades of vanilla, in an interplay with oriental spices and woods - this is the tantalizingly warm fragrance of Hercules, primarily intended for men, but for its vanilla tenderness, it will also win over more than one woman.

Whipped creamy vanilla with spicy cinnamon and pepper, to which a smoky shade of mysterious incense and tobacco leaves flows, accompanied by a leather note from melting labdanum.

A tenderly delicate accord of fruity seduction of peaches with grapes on a leather bed, shows osmanthus with which cedar shavings play with a cloud of musky sensuality. Nagarmotha is added, combining sweet oriental notes, with spicy touches and a flickering floral whiff, which is replaced by a final swing into earthy moisture, smoky vetiver.

Maison Alhambra Hercules perfume is inspired by the Herod Parfums de Marly fragrance.

Volume: 100ml

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