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Kaheela Lux captivates you with its spicy, warm charm, which opens with a composition of dry tobacco leaves mixed into a spicy, sour-sweet sour cherry accord. These then melt into sinfully gourmet pralines, hiding the secret of gourmet honey and roasted hazelnuts, scented with a pinch of cinnamon.

The floral aria is the elegant charm of magnificent roses, blending into a seductively majestic amber, the tones of which caress the entire score with their intensity.

The oriental-woven oud, whose notes dissolve into a softly whipped bed of vanilla foam, is tame-sounding, thanks to the soft milky sandalwood, herbally earthy patchouli and the caressing finish of the embrace of fluffy musk.

The perfume Kayali Invite Only Amber 23 was the inspiration for the fragrance Paris Corner Kaheela Lux.

Volume: 100ml

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