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Dahnal Oudh Khususi


Dahn Al Oudh Khususi (Special) is an exclusive and magical agarwood oil, consisting of sweet & spicy notes of Coffee & Chocolate, slowly revealing multiple layers of its earthy & woody notes leaving you in an aromatic trance!

Releasing captivating scents with hints of Chocolate and coffee and base notes of smokey wood, the notes keep evolving over the hours. You will discover a new note throughout the day surprising you with its subtleties and mysteries.

With fancy packaging and a royal glass bottle, Dahn Al Oudh Khususi makes for the perfect gift!

Premium Quality Agar Oudh 3ml Bottle

Top notes: Leather & Coffee
Middle notes: Chocolatey & Sweet
Base notes: Woody & Earthy
Best for: those who love a little mystery to their fragrance
Longevity: lasts for 8 to 10 hours on skin; lasts for 24 hours+ on fabric


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